I purchased Justlink Healthcare Service Packages because I know them to provide an excellent service. They are thoughtful, supportive and will make things happen even when it seems there is no choice or no way forward.

Testimonial 7Purchaser of our Healthcare Service Package

Justlink staff are professional and excellent communicators, switching between people in pain and empathising with them and then, with clarity, discussing options with Doctors and Administrative staff.

Testimonial 6Purchaser of our Healthcare Service Package

It’s so exciting to contribute to the work of making Healthcare accessible to all, to be able to help another person in their time of need.

Testimonial 5Purchaser of our Healthcare Service Package

I received support from Justlink for my operation when there was no other help available. My operation took a long time to become available and during the waiting Justlink staff would visit me regularly and encourage me, they enabled me to have hope for my future. After my operation they took care of me and helped me to exercise, they even helped me to rearrange my home so that things would be more convenient for me.

Testimonial 4End-receiver, patient

My medication made me feel dizzy and vomit, I had to take it for 9 months, Justlink helpers would sit with me and hold my hand every day whilst I took my tablets and they gave me ideas to help my body respond better. They suggested I took the tablets at night so that the dizziness would not affect me in the daytime.

Testimonial 3End-receiver, patient

I was not brave enough to speak to the doctors or nurses when I was in pain but Justlink staff made me feel safe so I could tell them, then they would speak to the necessary people and do the needful on my behalf.

Testimonial 2End-receiver, patient

Even the thought of going to hospital was terrifying for me. To have someone by my side when I went for my appointments and treatment was reassuring and helped me overcome my fears. I would not have been able to do this on my own – however much I knew I needed to visit the doctor, I could not have done it.

Testimonial 1End-receiver, patient