Lina Duncan

   Qualifications :

          Diploma in Midwifery (El Paso, Texas, USA)
          Certificate in Primary Health Care (Cebu, Philippines)
          10 years experience in midwifery, breastfeeding
                education  and counselling                          


      Training and Experience:
           Direct-Entry Midwife: trained exclusively on prenatal                  care, labour and delivery, post partum and immediate                  newborn care.
           Trained in El Paso, Texas, US
           Apprentice year in the Philippines
           Supervisor & Trainer of midwives in Philippines
                 (been present at over 1000 births)
           Experience in managing life-threatening, high risk                  situations such as breach, dystocia, haemorrhage,                  resuscitation of newborns and repairing perineal
                 tears up to third degree
           Experience working in hospital environment and as a                  private Doula (female caregiver).
           Continue to attend various trainings in maternal
                 newborn health.

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