Studies have proved that having professional labour support reduces the need for unwarranted medical interventions and also shortens the duration of labour.
It is great to have Lina with all her experience in supporting births by our mothers' side during labour - she has supported some amazing natural births so far! "

Dr. Manisha Gogri, MBBS
Childbirth Educator
La Leche League Leader


Lina worked with me at our Maternity Center from April 1999 until February 2000. While Lina was with us at Mercy Maternity Center she was a huge asset and help to us. She functioned in the capacity of midwife and performed duties surrounding all areas of maternity care: prenatal, labour and delivery, post partum, newborn, well woman care.

Lina did an excellent job and always worked with her whole heart. I could always count on her to provide thorough and excellent care to our patients. Lina frequently went above and beyond what was expected and helped the patients in many ways. In her time off she could generally be found visiting the homes of her patients, encouraging them, teaching them and helping them. She did this all on her own. Lina committed herself to the tasks that lay before her and she accomplished them all excellently. She always worked her hardest and did not miss a detail even when she was tired from working long hours. Lina has a huge heart of compassion that is very evident as she serves as a midwife.

We were extremely sad to see her go, but know that she has had the opportunity to give to many others with her gifting and heart of service. Lina is truly an excellent midwife and anyone who has the privilege to work with her will be genuinely blessed.

Mercy Maternity Center seeks to provide quality and effective and safe prenatal care to those who cannot afford safe health care in the area. The staff of Mercy Maternity Center does an average of over 20,000 exams annually. In addition, approximately 130 babies are born at MMC each month. While Lina was with us, we had a very small staff and Lina worked many hours. She often worked overtime as she attended many prenatal women, delivered many, many babies and attended to the needs of many outside the clinic.

I give my highest recommendation to Lina. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Krystina McNeil, BA ASM CPM LM
Clinical Director ( Mercy Maternity Center )



" Lina is one of the first few midwives I worked with. She is incredibly hard working, dedicated and fun to be with. She makes the VBAC birth so easy and fluid. She is a pleasure to work with. "


Dr. Ameet Dhurandhar, MD DGO
Mobile : 9820189078


" I have referred many women to Lina for labour and birth support. "Birth India" has researched doctors and hospitals who are favourable to natural birth and mother-baby friendly options. Lina has adapted very well to working alongside these doctors and hospitals in India to fit the individual circumstances of her clients.I hear great reports from satisfied women about their births with Lina's support. "

Ruth Malik
Founder of Birth India


" Having Lina leading up to and during the delivery was important not just for me, but for my family. Her presence was what we needed, when we needed it. She had an intrinsic sense of when those times presented themselves.
Consequently, it was very important for me to have her there prior to my doctors' arrivals and during the delivery. I cannot recommend Lina enough for information about labour and delivery and the post partum period with a newborn. She is smart, supportive, encouraging, patient, knowledgable and goes beyond the extra mile for her clients. "

Mary Kay Hoffman
New Mum
Administrator, The American School Of Bombay



" My experience with Lina Duncan of Justlink as a midwife for a family member was amazing. This was the first birth for us all, so we were a bit nervous of what to expect and how things will go. Lina was absolutely dedicated to us. she stayed in touch with us for statuses and as the time drew closer, she got in a taxi at 4am to make it to us. During the whole birth, she was calm, professional and extremely caring. The mother was her complete focus and priority. I would highly recommend her services to anyone."


Bernie David
House Parent, Carer

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