17 May 2008 - TEHELKA magazine.

Article on page 44 "The Return Of The Midwife" by
      Hemangini Gupta.

This article is about natural birth with midwives including
       Vinita Contractor’s story and Lina's involvement.

7 June 2008 - NDTV channel.

Filming of a live discussion with health professionals
      about Pregnancy, Birth and Natural healthy living.

23 August 2008 - CNN-IBN channel.

Documentary: "Living It Up"- "Being Born" Discusses
    birthing in India.
Lina talks on the subject of Breast-feeding and is seen
    with her birthing in India.

November 2008 - MOTHER & BABY magazine.

Article called "Natural Is The Way To Go", featuring
    participants birthing in India.

January 2009 - MOTHER & BABY magazine.

Article on pages 40-43. Vinita, Lina’s client,
    tells her birth story.

January 2009 - MOTHER & BABY magazine.

Article on page 39 "Winds Of Change".
Talks about births at Chrysalis Hospital, Khar,
      Mumbai with doctor and midwife (Lina) present.

20 August 2009 Hindustan Times, Mumbai

Body and Soul section "Home Grown" article about
      homebirths. Lina quoted.

September 2009 - Midwifery Today No.10 (published USA)

Article called "Natural Is The Way To Go", featuring
      participants birthing in India.

October 2009 - MOTHER & BABY magazine

Jaypali Shetty, Lina's client on the front cover and her
     detailed birth story inside.

22 October 2009 - DNA Newspaper, Mumbai

"Pregnant? Get a doula instead of a nurse", page 2
       Main Section. Lina quoted.

November 2009 - MOTHER & BABY magazine

"Birthing at home" article covers two homebirths at
        which Lina was the caregiver, pages 96-98.

February 2010 - MOTHER & BABY Magazine

Do you need a Doula? Interview of Penny Simkin,
      whilst in Chennai, explaining role of Doula, includes
      feature about Lina, pages: 27-29.

Spring 2010, Number 93 – Midwifery Today (published in USA)

A Midwife’s tale of Homebirths in India by Lina Duncan,
      pages 57-59

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