Diana Neuner (28th May 2009):

"I met Lina 2-3 times before birth to discuss the birthplan and after talking to her I was very confident that I am in good hands.Was nice that she borrowed me her birth stool even before I took the package from Justlink (thank you Lina again.)

About the birth experience I can't say much because was a cesarean. Even that Lina was in the hospital with me formoral support. After giving birth was nice to have her coming to our home and answer to questions concerning small babies.

…Having a doula gave me the moral support knowing that in the hospital will be somebody to help making the birth easier, to take care that I won't get unnecessary medical procedures. Somebody to help to follow the birth plan.

I was very happy with the service provided by Justlink, I recommended to two of my pregnant friends (at that time)"


Kimberly Popma (4th  August 2009)

Sashi and I are not the most education on birthing a pregnancy, nor did we do a lot of research to become more educated.  Having an expert, friend, midwife gave us great confidence that we were doing the best we could at all time in the pregnancy. 

Having Lina as someone to call and talk to when we needed and to trust would have our best interests in mind when helping to make decisions.  The doctor was wonderful and I also trusted him, but the relationship is completely different Lina was someone I felt emotionally connected to and valued her perspectives – I know she was there to help me.


During labour having someone with you the entire time whose experience and knowledge we trusted gave us guidance and reassurance, both of us.  This confidence and assurance provided by Lina made the birthing experience a positive one.


Anuja Kothari (3rd November 2009)

Women require emotional support and empathy during birth, which Lina provided.  Lina is just amazing giving a human and healing touch to the birthing process.


Geetika G. Mahajan (22nd January 2010)

She gave me the TENS machine that helped my to relax.  I quite enjoyed the ball and warm massage.  Lina helped me to be positive even seconds before my C-Section.

Though C-Section is amazing, beautiful, next time I am definitely going in for natural, normal delivery.


Melissa Behrens (8th May 2010)

Lina helped me to relax throughout the entire process.  She was also a great advocate to have since I am a foreigner giving birth here in India.  I also feel the doctor was more patient with me and I was able to have a vaginal delivery due to Lina’s presence.






Corrine Perroud (16th October 2008):


"It was such an empowering experience. It was de-industrialised and more in tune with the rhythm of the baby and we were so happy to have a VBAC. We were told by a doctor in Switzerland that it wouldn’t be possible so the final outcome was wonderful.


Lina brought a lot of insight. She backed up her points with videos and books, recommended reading  material and was always on hand to discuss the issues.


She also spoke with the doctor to make sure he knew what we wanted.  By the time the birth came around we had a very clear idea of how we wanted to proceed.  The birth changed from being  perceived as an ordeal controlled by the use of drugs to a very positive experience.



Aisha Oravec (17th  November 2008)


Having a doula/midwife helped me in the process of birth because it meant “I had an advocate alongside me through the whole process and in particular at the hospital where I was only allowed to go home after my labour stalled because Lina was there to monitor me.  She also provided an experienced eye to help me understand where I was in the labour process, which was incredibly reassuring.


Lina spent several nights with me as my labour started and stopped over 48hours before the birth of my daughter.  She knew when to step in and when to stand back and let my husband do the coaching.  She advocated for me at the hospital and came home to visit my baby and make sure we were doing well together.  She was a voice of experience and encouragement throughout our time together.”


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